Why Every Day Is A Big Day

Here at Fulcrum Staffing we have a saying, ‘every day’s a big day.’

This doesn’t mean that every day is actually an objectively ‘big’ day. There are days that the phones don’t ring quite as often or the deal we’ve been working on still isn’t closed.

While every day may not actually be a ‘big’ day, what we really mean and try to live by, is that we should treat every day as a big day.

What does that mean?

To us it means that every day has infinite potential to be rewarding. This doesn’t necessarily mean an influx of cash (although that is always welcome), it can also be a relationship that is begun or nourished at a networking event. It could be the opportunity to practice one of our core values, or it could be a phone call with an old friend and mentor.

The point is, our focus here at Fulcrum isn’t simply on results, it’s on relationships. Relationships are formed little by little, over time, on your seemingly average day.

Even if an event/person/meeting may not seem important, we treat all of it as if they are a big deal, because to us they are.

Every day’s a big day.

This mentality has contributed to our incredible community here in Charleston and helped us foster our vast network of clients and candidates. We know that each person has incredible value and that every interaction matters.

Treating each person that crosses our path and every event we attend with the utmost attention and care it deserves sets us apart from the competition because it communicates that we are not simply after that which we believe to be of use to us, we genuinely believe that ‘every day’s a big day.’ Everything has value and we think it should be treated accordingly.

When people understand that you are not only after getting something out of them (which can be rare in the business world) they are much more inclined to trust you and want to collaborate or work with you. That’s the beauty of doing the right thing, it pays off!

We have seen the fruits of making this short phrase part of our business strategy, here are some ways you can do so, too.

  1. Practice the Heroic Minute.

In case you’re unfamiliar, the Heroic Minute is a term used for the first moment when your alarm goes off. Except in this case, instead of hitting snooze five times before finally getting up thirty minutes later, you get up as soon as it happens, which is pretty darn heroic. This practice may seem like an insane and unnecessary bit of masochism, but really it allows you to seize the day. This act of the will communicates that this day is important and that you are eager to see all that it has to offer. You start off your day with enthusiasm and determination, as opposed to reluctance and sluggishness.

While certainly difficult, the heroic minute will change the way you approach each new day that you are presented with, increase your level of self-discipline, and serve as a reminder that today is, in fact, a big day – from start to finish.

2. Celebrate the small wins.

A new connection, a good talk or meal at the networking event you attended, a new lead or small deal that was closed… all of these things may seem insignificant when you look at the big picture, but really they contribute as much as anything else to a good life and successful business.

Sometimes we get so busy looking to close the huge deal or have the big breakthrough that we forget to take in and feel grateful for the small wins, and really we’re missing out because small wins are much more frequent and just as important.

Try extra hard to be present to this day and take note of small things that are good (whether in or outside work) and be grateful for them – the more grateful we are for our lives and all the good things that happen each day, the happier and more productive we will be.

3. Remember the ‘relationship rule.’

Relationships are everything. You may think success is all about numbers or revenue, but relationships will make or break your success more than anything else. Relationships are an essential part of our Fulcrum Advantage and it is at the forefront of our vision as a company. We value people and our relationships with them.

Whether it’s the people you work with, the connections you make at a networking event or long-standing customers, it is your history and rapport with them that will propel you forward and ensure success for years to come.

You cannot achieve much on your own. Even the most brilliant individuals needed people on their side to make their vision come to life. That is why whenever you’re tempted to skip past pleasantries and get right to business, or to not waste your time with ‘small talk’ or to focus only on people who have something to offer you, remember this: relationships rule. How you treat people, how you make them feel and how much they trust you will inevitably contribute significantly to your numbers, revenue, profit, etc., no matter how many hours you put in.

So no matter who crosses your path today, remember the ‘relationship rule’: relationships rule!

Every day is a big day. We believe that here at Fulcrum Staffing and see how it has profited us as individuals and as a company. Try these tips and see how it will serve you and your business too.

Written by: Miranda Rodriguez